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Fee Schedule

Current Standard Private Fees
Preliminary Intake and Individual Psychotherapy - 50 minutes - $210
Extended Individual Psychotherapy - 90 minutes - $250
Family or Couple Psychotherapy - 50 minutes - $250
Extended Family or Couple Psychotherapy - 90 minutes - $290
Collateral session video or phone call with or without clien
t - 50 minutes - $195

A complimentary initial 30-minute phone consultation is available for individuals and families uncertain about whether they are ready to commit to therapy, or are uncertain about whether they want to commit to therapy with me. I believe that a solid therapeutic relationship is necessary for therapy to be successful.  A certain amount of chemistry is involved; a therapist can be a wonderful, effective fit for clients A, B, and C, but for whatever reason might not work well with client D. That doesn’t mean the therapist is not a good therapist or that client D wouldn’t benefit from therapy.  It just means the fit isn’t right.

I am an outpatient provider for Kaiser Permanente. 
Many insurance policies provide for at least partial reimbursement for independently contracted therapy services.  At the end of each month, I will provide you with an itemized statement, or super bill, that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Personal Therapy for Graduate Students
Sliding Minimum Fee - 50 minutes:  $125 Group fee (2 or more) - 90 minutes:  $75

Supervision for Associates/Interns in Private Practice Setting
Employment arrangement TBD.  Please contact me.

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